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Monday, 16 November 2009

Shi Hwee, Truman, Jocille, Wendy, Leong Wai, De Xun, Angus, Yi Jun, Zhi Chun, Stella
Clementi > Buona Vista > Changi Airport > East Coast > Went Sailing > Lunched > Sailing > Rain > PSP > Pack > Suntec City > Dinner > Marina > Home
Long Day. Super Shack. Met at like 6.30 in the morning to go East Coast. Go there lesson, safety precaution then went to Sail. Was like super fun. Wind blow then go super fast then feel "Shiok" then Capsize. Arhhhh...... Capsizing was bad. Small boys just aren't meant to overturn big boats. Anyways still got tmr and the day after to Sail again.
Maybe today just isn't my lucky day. Got a cut from sailing then had to wear black socks with white slipper all the way to Marina to eat. Embarassing.... Then on the bus to Marina left my wallet in the bus. Buai Buai Wallet. Plus dropped my phone into some puddle of water.... Buai Buai phone. So yah sorry if I'm uncontactable or anything.
Insigmia - Truman