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Friday, 23 April 2010

Reblogged from be brave

Great. Another long day. Went to school in the morning. Our class got scolded in every lesson again. WTH. im so sick of it luh. I was bored in english, then pek cek in Pastoral Care lesson, sleepy in geog class, and finally died in chinese... Then went to SP to eat with meldon, junxian, melvin and hazel. Then meldon was angry at me cause i had to pangseh him for scouts. I shouldn't have luh. Hermann and Davin also never come. So went there and did slack drill marching. The sec 1 scouts is like.... RAWR~ but cannot blame them luh.. I keep seeing that person. Damn shy luh. Haha. Then bussed home with dexun and shihwee. Got dreanched along the way. Then the lightning keep striking near me. Must be i keep saying wrong things.