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Friday, 30 April 2010

WOOHOOOO! I screwed my chinese! didnt finish my paper. CLB here i come!!! English was super duper luper gruper uber eiber easy. I slept for half an hour. Omg. I haven't study a single thing from chem and bio yet. Im so screwed:(. And so i got a long weekend to study.

Time Plan : 6 hours of studying a day.
                  10 hours for sleeping
                  The rest, Dreaming, "Reborn"ing, AND MORE SLEEPING.
And i so cant study at home.

I'll be at KAP (Mac) from Monday onwards with ppl i promised after school to 8pm studying. I like the corner table:)
wants -Serious PPL who wont distract me like last time *hint *hint HAHA. No lah Just kidding.
-i love ppl who give me free foolscap:D
- call me if you wanna come.

I can't live without my IPOD.