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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Exams are over. But i don't feel relax at all. LOL. Now i got nothing to do. I actually sit at my computer and keep refreshing my facebook page until nothing new comes up. Then i check my phone and refresh the page again! Wooohoooo!
Movie-ed with Meldon, Hazel, Junxian, Clarissa, Yanmin, Amanda, Melvin and Yikai today. Robin Hood. The gay in the movie is like damn gay. And everybody in the theatre like senior citizen one so we the youngest 8D. Went to eat pepper lunch. Then the auntie call me a sec 1 boy LOL~ So i show her the long pants then she laugh. I got so young-looking meh>< Then clarissa and yanmin go toilet for sooooo long. So meldon and melvin keep looking out for hot girs walking out from the toilets. hahahaha. Then after everything went to take bus with meldon and hazel home. But then melvin take my phone and smile at me and walk in the other direction. I didnt realise until reach the bus stop. So i run back to the mrt take and come back. Waliao eh. Okay. I gotta go refresh my facebook alr. Bai.