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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I finally got the cast out of my life. But somehow the feeling is not what i expected it to be. It's like my hand feels weird not to have a cast on. Oh well... I think im gonna fail maths paper. I gotta fever now too. Screw Maths. And Mrs Sanmugan's star student (me) just failed her test. AHAHA. I feel so good 8D. Argh.. i think the fever is screwing my head. I actually thought 10x10=20. And i was stoning for 1 hour wondering how i answered it wrong. So i did the practice paper and i got everything wrong. WOOHOO! Im feel great again><. haha. Okay gotta go.
Okay. Gotta go. I gotta jio my social studies notes out on a date ): Poor me