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Friday, 25 September 2009

Another long day again . Did pledge in the morning again . Then went for home econs test. Finally made the omlette after 2 weeks. So much preperations . Meldon bought 2 packets of ice lemon tea to "bribe" the teacher to give us extra marks. It seems to have worked. The egg turned out quite well - but its like super unhealthy . So much salt , So much oil.
Then the next few period were like ...
Teacher interaction - got back maths test. FAILED ! felt sad. freakin maths sia. WORST SUBJECT.
Then played bball awhile. ( nv go scouts )
Went with Hermann and Davin to Davin's house to take jelly
Then went with them to hermann's house. Played chess ! not that bad actually. After that went swimming. The water was like up to my neck - should be i grew taller . usually the water above my head ... After that followed Davin to the steam room. Hermann just sit there emo.
Felt like i lost 5kg after the steam room.
Went back up to hermann's house to watch TV. At the same time play com. Then leong wai they all came around 6+ to discuss some Campfire thingy. All the sec 3's over there discussing so left me alone in the room emo and play computer for like 2 hours . Around 9 , the meeting ended. Emo period over. Went to order MAC delivery - Keming's treat. spent like $80 on Mac : )
While waiting for food, went to play some board games.
Food finally came. Poured out like 10 packet of fries spread out on the table - FRENCH FRIES MOUNTAIN !
Next, poured 15 packets of garlic chilli on the table - CHILLI MOUNTAIN !
Eat until very full.
Then played blackjack - the bet was Garlic Chilli.
Then went home around 11 +
Don't know what to study anymore - no mood. Maths also failed - damm sad sia. Still say want take A-maths. cannot make it anymore... sad
Deliberate - Truman