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Sunday, 20 September 2009


Woke up late - as usual . Not really a morning person to begin with . So well , today was considerbly busy. 11+ wake up to study. Then went to cook noodles for lunch. SUPER UNHEALTHY ! Then after that went to Meldon's house to practice cooking for home econs practical test. Lugged all the ingredients from my house to his. Its like from bukit timah walk all the way to Toh Tuck ! ... then again it was actually not that far : ) . Took awhile to prepare everything - had to wash this wash that , peel this peel that ... damm hectic.
Then Meldon went to deep fry everything. From the bacon to the tomato to everything else - everything was dripping with oil ! SUPER SUPER SUPER UNHEALTHY - but very nice ! The egg was a failure though. Sad.
After that rushed off to meet Davin, Zhi Wei and Veluriya to study. Went all the way to holland burger king. By the time i reached was like 4 and damm tired. no more mood study. In the end did alittle bit of maths and read my Geog nots. Really disappointed in myself : ( At about 5.30 , Vel and Zhi Wei left. It was just me n Davin. Became quieter and actually studied abit. But after awhile started talking again ... and not much studying was done after that.
Then Davin's friend - Gernelle A.K.A Sili came. Well then she was quite violent then i scared ! hahas. Not long after , Hermann and LeongWai finished their LAN and joined us. Having 5 people there, ZERO studying was accomplished.
In the mist of studying , we came up with a formula :
( Wee - e + e ) x E (divide by) Wee + Wee - Wee = Wee
Wee (divide by) Wee x Wee = Wee
Pampers wee wee dry
W x E x E = Wee
Wee + Wee = 2Wee
Wee (divide by) Wee = 1
Wee (squared) + Wee (squared) = 2(wee) (squared)
After that went home to eat dinner. Celebrate Sister's belated Birthday so went out to eat. Went to some Jap resturant . Ordered Unagi then got choked by the freakin bone ... sad. Then eat Chawamushi also burnt my mouth ... sad.
Then went home . Found out i got PIMPLES ! OH MY GOSH ! its like on my forehead and everything .... My first pimple outbreak ( though not that serious )
Redundant - Truman