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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I'm still thinking.
What do i do ?
How do i make things right ?
I asked for advice. Nothing works. Nothing seems to be able to collate with the problems we are facing now.
Nothing seems to be falling into place. We both know but nothing is changing. I so cant sleep. I keep thinking. How will the road go down from here. I couldn't sleep last night. I sat there thinking and waiting. Waiting for something to come my way. My mind drifted off into darkness as morning rosed.....
Expressed : .
Never thought that I'll fall in love
But it grew from a simple crush
Didn't expect this is how things would go
Maybe in time, you'll change your mind
I just cant go to sleep
Cause it feels like I've fallen for you
It's getting way too deep
And i know that it's love because
I can't sleep til you're next to me
I'm trying my best. But right now i just need silence.
I'm Sorry
Heartfelt - Truman