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Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Exams next week - Starting to feel the stress weighing down. Go home study study everyday ...
Today school was usual. Bio was surprisingly interesting. Then maths draw 1 graph took up 2 periods. Recess same as usual.
Woo nv come again for english so play truth or dare in class. Then Physics.
After that was suppose to go swimming but then change of plans so went Chevrons to check out the class chalet location. Gervais keep planning and think about it that he cant sleep. So we decided to go.
Went to eat in canteen first. School food sucks. Then took bus. Reach Jurong walked damm long to The Chevrons . Reach there walk around, see see look look then camp hall at some play ground. Almost swing 200 degrees then got whacked by melvin. Flew off the swing and got cut on the wrist. Ouch ! Bleeding but not that serious.
After that went to play catching. Lols we were like reliving our childhood like that ran around and screaming like some primary school kids like that. Espescially Meldon n Melvin. Amanda Just sit at the swing there emo and take pictures.
Then went to Mrt Station to buy Bubble Tea then talk then go home.
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