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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Two. Zero. Zero. Nine.
Class E2/4 09's.
What a class. Acedemic results were of no profession. Sports standed out of all. Many a times we meet great friends. Friends in which we will never forget. Friends that make us complete. Well i have found a dozen handful of them. Though i lost some of them throughout the time, I believe that the times we shared will remain in my heart forever. \
Friends that will stand out amongst the rest. They helped me through the hardest of times. They comforted me during the hardest points in my life. They listen to my heartbreak stories and heard me cry. They gave me a chance to start anew.
Thank You.
2009. It Broght My Life To A Whole New Level. A Greater Sense Of Stress. A Greater Sense Of Friendships. A Greater Sense Of Heartbreaks.
January. A time of new faces. A time for the old to reconised. Same class. Same people.
Febuary. My first heartbreak for the year. I bought a gift. I gave a gift. She accepted the gift. She accepted me. I coulden accept her behavior after that. We broke up.
April. Stress. I have to do well. Parents pressing me to change school. I refused.
May. I got caught for Cheating. Hard times. Pressure was all around me. I felt so insecure. So guilty. I was near the point of suicidal thoughts. I dident do it.
June. Internal struggle. Family issue. Constant fighting between parents led to a torn up relationship. I dident want to be involed. I locked myself in the room.
August. Friendship issues. Where they really my friends? Or were they using me to know more people? I got over it.
September. Prefect Camp. Unintentionally something happened. It broke about sparks whiched elavated to higher complications. It was a good thing in the end.
October. Stressed. Final Year Exam. So much to learn. So little time. For the past month I've been studying. It was a month but in the end it turns out like i hardly even studied. People who hardly even studied won me in almost every aspect of the report book. Maybe I'm just Naturally Stupid.
May. October. The Hardest Thing.
May : Why did i do it? It was just a slip off the old block. Morever, I did it for someone i was not close to. Teachers debated about this incident. Prefects debated about this incident. Parents debated about this incident. I was hounded by the fact that I was a disappointment.
October : Just when i thought we were getting closer together, Confessions. How did it happen? Why did it happen? What were you thinking? I was emotional. My mind was ablur. I was depressed. Lots of bloodshed and tears aroused during this period of time. Up till now nothing has changed. I thought about it. Sacrifices have to be made. Sacrifices determined the road to another person's happiness. Sacrifices was what i would do.
The Heavens Are Making A Fool Out Of Me.
Just stop it. Do you think it's funny? Do you think it's fun? I really hate it. The crucial fact was that this was not a pass time decision made. It was Heaven's Judgement. It was a test of my confidence in myself. It was a test to see how well i would hold up in this kind of circumstances. Well i just have to say now that :
When Will Heaven Stop Playing It's Jokes On Me?
At A lost - Truman