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Friday, 16 October 2009

The Verdict

FYE's finally over . Time to destress and get back some sleep. Over the week, took like 8 papers in which :

I TOTALLY SCREWED MATHS P1- Dident do 20 questions worth of marks
Geog was super easy
History is now history ....
Lit was okay
Physics and Bio were mind-recking
Home econs was freaked up
Art was a piece of paper .
I TOTALLY SCREWED MATHS P2 - I'll be happy to even get 20/50 ...
Last paper was today - Art. Finished with 1 hour to spare. Melvin provided the entertainment by playing with the dustbin. Made the teacher super angry .... almost gave him zero for the exam.
Then went SP to eat and play soccer. Super hot day. Met Irwan . Haven seen him for like 9 months since he transfered out. From he shorter than me become i shorter than him . Whats this man .... Play play play for like 2 hours then sunburn . OUCH !
Then when Kenneth they all left , sat with Yan min, Amanda, Yi kai, Melvin , Gervais, Meldon, Glenn, Jing Ling and Phon and started talking. Around 3.30 we went home to get stuff to go swimming. Met around 4.45. I was late though. Not know to be punctual ...
Went to Jurong East the swimming area there to swim. First went to the lazy pool where Melvin slowly 'touched' everyone. Then got tired of it so went to play some slide and went to the lap pool. Dunno what we do after that then go to the wave pool. Almost drown cause the water level abit high. Or maybe its cause i short ... Not sure. Anyways was like super cold with the water spraying and everything.
Later, Melvin took his time touching people again. Then he got sidetracked by some hot girl so we started following her around.
Then went back to the lap pool to swim and talk. Talk talk talk to i think about 7.15 pm . Was like super cold so we out of the pool to get warmth. About 7.30 we left to go eat dinner. Eat dinner then talk talk talk then go home at 9.
Rectified - Truman