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Friday, 13 November 2009

Chapter Closed. The End.
Now that all those bullshit is over, time to move on to more important things. 
Arhhhhhh I haven buy my bag yet! 3 Months already. Davin Fong! When are we going to Bugis? Boyfriend somemore. Later we break up.
Streaming results came out today. Guess what? I diden't get my A-Maths. Is that a Whooo or Boooo?
Expected. I guess they should be thinking how a loser which got 40/100 op for A-Maths. I ask myself that too.They said 2012 is the day Mankind dies. Now I wonder which year maths would be gone. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me.
Shingz Maths. Why Can't You Just Boomz Away? But I'm still gonna appeal for it though. Contradictions much.
Wishing - Truman