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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Puzzle Of My Heart
I found the pieces. Laid out on the eradicated table as I pulled the fragments togehter. Breath taking display of empathy flashed beyond my mind. I fit the pieces together one by one. Reflecting how some pieces had split and what excatly went wrong. It took awhile but it was done. The shape of my heart was almost complete. There was just one piece left. I reached in. It was gone.
That was the one part of my heart I diden't want to fit back in. The one I was trying to forget. Should I be happy or sad that I lost that one exceptional piece. It turns out that I was genuinely glad that puzzle piece was gone. 
But in just a turn, I saw that piece. Laying on the floor. My hand streached out to grasp it. For a moment i wanted to put that piece back into my heart. I regretted the decision i made.
Dun't know how you came to know about things. But Thanks for reaffirming the confidence in me. Your talk/Scolding guided me through. In that last very second you called and pulled me back out. You took that last piece and threw it out of the window.
Out from my reach. 
I stood there. Watching that one last piece fly out the window. No emotions occured.
Superficial - Truman