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Saturday, 21 November 2009

fo Mistake

When you kill someone, there is no turning back. You cannot bring the dead back to life. The inscriptions have already been written in heaven's judgement. You are destined to go to hell.
I dident know this would apply to words. The words we speak everyday. The Daggers which advances to stab another's heart. Like a broken vase. Once broken, will never be the same again.
But what other don't know. Your Daggers are fragile. Though they are able to piece, they break easily.
You know that too. So why do it?
Don't look away from your heart. Even for the the slightest moment. Even fro friendship. Do not attach yourself to any specific outcomes. It will kill you,
fo the duck in the pond knows what you are thinking.
 He can tell.
the scraps of bread - Truman