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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

fo Silence

Emptiness in this pseudo silence. Aren't all half-assed things half -assed? Are words the only thing we possess in the empty hearted world? fo A tongue has no bones, yet it breaks bones. Can silence be considered as apathy? Seems that this is the case. How do words help? It doesn't. So why bother? Just SHUT UP and walk away.
As thick as wood may seem, introducing water, it rots away into nothing. Meaningless clobbering. In the very face of the soveriegn, will you cry and tell your heart? Or will you just keep quiet and listen. Listen and wait.
To think I would do the same. The akward silences. Do you even know what it means? I guess you don't.
Because the soveriegn has bestowed upon the duck a part. They are but the one and only EARS. Ears to listen. Listen to the very lies that you speak. I hope I'm wrong. For if I was, I am so wrong.
The Vow Of Silence.
strungless - Truman