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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I so Chalet yesterday.
I so Wilded Wilded Wet Yesterday.
I so Barbaqued Yesterday.
I so dident Sleep yesterday.
I so Mac'ed today.
I so East Coasted today.
I so Cycled today.
I so dident fall down today.
I So Fell Sick Today
Simple Stated. Went to Clique chalet yesterday. Woke up late. Had to hand in my subject combination first. Change change change. Pack pack pack. Go go go.
Met Gervais outside school at like 12pm. Was freaking late. Walked into school with my Orange shoelaced shoe. Walked past Christine Tan. She look at me i look at her. She scold me i look at her. She walk away i look at her. Shocking!
Then cabbed down with Gervais to Pasir Ris Mrt. Mac'ed.
Met Amanda Janice Jinling Glenn and Junxian, Yikai, Meldon, Melvin and Sathesh then went to downtown east chalet.
Went into the room and suddenly everybody went crazy. Jump here jump there and alot of other stuff i shoulden't really post about. Then alot of things happen then night time. Hardly slept. Abit hyper. Went Mac with gervais to talk. Melvin also followed. Went back to the room at like 2.15a.m and everybody was sleeping. So we shout wake them up. Took awhile. But they woke up.
Played blindmice. In the dark. Walk here BANG. Walk there BANG. Pain. Then after that sit down attempt to tell ghost storys. Dunno what we do after that. Then everybody slept. Wake up here and there to shout then go back sleep. Was like that the whole night.
Today. Wake up slack in the room for like 2 hours. Checked out then went east coast. Spent most of the time in skate park doing tricks. Should have brought my skateboard. Alot of people fell down there. Including me.
Went home. Took 196 from east coast to clementi.
100 minute bus ride.
Almost died.
Boomz. Shingz
Forbaded - Truman