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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


We always thought we'd look back on our tears and laugh, but we never thought we'd look back on our laughter and cry.
Friendship is perhaps one of the most exquisite relationships that two people can share. Friendship is about sharing each other’s opinions, dreams, fears, aspirations and hopes. Friendship is about engaging conversations, which go on and on as friends lose track of time. Friendship is about cherishing old memories of togetherness and creating new ones everyday. Although when you watch friends hanging out and having a great time it seems as if these people just belong together, friendship does require a sound mutual understanding with lots and lots of love and care for each other. Often when you see people who were once inseparable and have later moved on to part ways, you think what could’ve gone so terribly wrong between them that they can’t even stand each other? Can a friendship that starts with ‘ No sorry, Or , No thank you’ and reaches the ‘Friends Forever’ stage end on a bitter note?
Yes it can. Personal experience have brought about an understanding towards this matter.
You lied in my face. It wasn't my first. But then you exposed your lie infront of everyone including me. It hurts. It felt like you were gloating over my misfortune while you were enjoying your happiness. That wasn't all. Maybe you don't notice it but almost all your actions recently have slapped me on my face time and time again.
I picked up my sword. You picked up yours. We both went on fighting for the same common goal. I fell so many times but you kept going. You encouraged me all the way through. But at the top you stabbed my back. Straight through my heart.
Betrayed. Anguished. Lifeless.
I can remember how many times i told myself that personal issues would not affect our friendship. But now i realised it has. My heart wants to let go of you as a friend. My head tells me not to and that this situation can be salvaged. But i can see right through you now. And i cant stand it.
So called friend - Truman