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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Went to stay over at Hermann's house. Met yesterday morning to go bugis and Buy My Bag! Finally. Anyways was at bugis with Hermann and Davin. Walked around, stare at people, shout here and there, attract attention abit and found terrorist! Small ones that children play on the floor. So walked to some weird street to finally Bags!  After that walked to Suntec to eat. Forgot who was suppose to come and stay over at Hermann's house. Leong Wai maybe. So went to his house, watched Singapore Idol, Watched Charlse getting eliminated then watched some drama show then go crazy then went on a movie marathon. Not really marathon cause its only 2 movies though. Twilight and Spiderwick Chronicles. Fell asleep in the middle of the show. Finally slept at 4 plus. Then today wake up in the morning, Slacked, watched NigaHigas then went out to meet wendy and the rest to watch New Moon. Good Show. Don't know why people say not nice. The ending also very nice. "Will you marry me?" Then Black Screen then credits.....What the heck? Walked around then ate mac then go home.
How To Be A Gangster ( Hermann, Truman and Davin edition )
- Always wear skinnys that are too tight for you.
- Slippers are 'cool'. Shoes are not. Always wear them with your skinnys.
- Put a hat that is too small for you on your head. Remember! PUT! NOT WEAR IT! I REPEAT! PUT NOT WEAR! And the hat must preferbly be Colourful to attract attention. Gangsters love attention right?
- Strap your PSP and Handphone around your neck with two handphone straps and swing it around as you walk. Don't you love it when they bang and scratch each other? Cool right?
- Remember to have piecings EVERYWHERE on your face. This makes you look emo and "COOL" Careful not to let saliva leak out of the holes in your mouth!
- Cross the road before the Green Man turns on. Isn't danger exciting? Who needs traffic lights?
- Always be cool and look in front when walking. No where else. Even if you bang into anything. Why risk banging into something when you could just look cool?
- Stare at people for no apparent reason to instill fear into them. Don't you love it when people stare back and fight with you?
- When alone, PRETEND to message somebody and have a fierce look on your face. This provides insecurity. Must always look cool right?
- Swear in every sentece you use. Sentence enhancers are good for your english!
And there you go! You're a gangster! YAY! Congratualations!.... GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR LIFE! 
withdrawal - Truman