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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

fo Hate

Not For The Faint Hearted
Okay so how do I put it? How do i express it? Let me think and see.... I guess the only known words I can use would be:
" Fuck you! I can't stand you. Fuck the way you talk to people. Fuck the meaningless vizualisations in your head. Fuck the "kindness" you show to everyone. Fuck all the sympathy and attention you're trying to get. I really can't stand it. Everyday I hope you migrate or something so that I will NEVER see you again. Shingz all the bullshit you talk about. Cut all that crap out. Get the hell out of my life. You're ruining it. Blemish the mouth that was bestowed to you. An aversion in which i see. Tear you in half and there stands a empty hearted man.
I said I love humanity, I love people, I just hate you. If we could talk about the heavens and hell there would be no end to the amounts of torture I wish I could see you in. Sometimes i wonder "WHAT THE SHIT are you talking about?" SENSELESS THINKING. You even try to be what you're not. All those talk about **** *** and *****..... Fine... Since you like it so much. Just when i thought i've seen everything, You can somehow conceive new things to shut me up. Congratulations. You Win! Happy? I don't think so... because you're never contented with what you have. Tell me what makes a man. Because when i see you, I see nothing more than a *****.  "
Finally! I got that out of my mind. Sorry for using so many vulgar and stuff. But i really had to say it out. Sorry for bringing Heaven and Hell into this. This is just some mindless, senseless, adolescent thinking on my part.
And i just realised how lousy i was at scolding someone. I should ask Meldon and Melvin to help me next time....
aloud - Truman