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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

09/09/09 !

Woke up late ... missed 09/09/09, 9 O'clock. Went to study at with Hermann and Davin KAP around 11. Copied the whole freaking geog textbook out into my personal notes. Halfway through met Zoea and Vel then study with them also. At the end of six hours, finished 1 chapter! ( that i not so happy about ). Micheal Jackson's song kept repeating in my head :
Billy jeans,
not my lover
She's just a girl
Tell me that i am the one ....
After that went to Hermann's cousin's house warming. Ate, watch americian idol, watch ppl play com then go home.
Just realised that Singapore Idol compared to Americian Idol is like *AHEM* *AHEM* (no offence in watsoever) ...