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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Just Go away ...

Oh my gosh damm tiring day ... woke up at 11 to go out ... SUPER EARLY .... Dead tired . Then went out with Gervais, Vanessa, Pei wen and esmeralda...
Went to eat Sakae . Went to play bowling . .Went JP . Went to drink coffee . Went to chat .
After that gervais accompanied me to Vivo . Went with Davin, Theeban and Chong Zhi to watch G - Force . Not a very good show. Thin story line. Getting too old for these kinda movies i guess.
But still freakin scared of DRAG ME TO HELL ... not up to standard. The movie was free cause it was davin's mother's companies threat. After the movie, Chong Zhi's parents sent me n theeban home - although we sidetracked halfway to go eat supper.

The following is why i feel like dying :
1. realised that i left my headphones at starbucks
2. after being sent home went to go take
3. found it at starbucks
4. waited for bus 174 for dammmmm long
5. slept in the bus
6. went all the way to orchard
7. cannot find a taxi
8. parents send me home ....

Signing Off - Truman