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Saturday, 24 October 2009

One Boy , One Girl

He finally gave in to his friend's girlfriend
When she said " There's someone you should meet "
At a crowded restaurant way cross town
He waited impatiently
When she walked in their eyes met and they both stared
And right there and then everyone else disappeared
In no time at all they were standing there
In the front of a little church
Among their friends and family
Repeating those sacred words
' I DO '
Preacher said, "Son, kiss your bride," and he raised her veil
Like the night they met
Time just stood still
He was holding her hand when the doctor looked up and grinned
" congratulations, twins "
One boy, one girl, two hearts beating wildly. To put it simply it was love at first sight. He smiled, she smiled and they knew right away this was the day they'd waited for all their lives. And for a moment the whole world revolved around -
One boy and One girl.
Abandoned - Truman