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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Reaping Shadows; Sovereign Sunlights

Where There Is Much Light, The Shadow Is Deep.
A black shade that arouses when darkness falls. A binding spirit which can never be seperated. Seeing it reminds me of the obscurity in life. Something which will haunt and torment a soul till the ends of the Earth.
Reappearing within. These shadows are all but mere reflections of our action. Our thoughts. Our emotions. The way we Live and Breathe. They are all depictions of our shadows. A Phantasm of our true self.
But they said, As strong and inter-linked shadows may be, Daybreak will always come. There will always come a time when the Holy Light will shine and the dark shades will disperse. That is in fact the time in which many people are waiting for. The time i was waiting for. The time which reaps all sadness and heartbreaks from our emotions.
For i looked out the window, It was Morning. Daybreak had rised. Grey skies amist. Darkness shattering. The rain had past. Time to come clean.
Chimera - Truman