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Monday, 30 November 2009

Restitution of happiness.

So I was asked to blog on Trumans' behalf, but I relented into the laze. So here I am. The post are all of certain profound despair. Something different.

Photo as requested. Leave the pic alone, it has no association with the following written.

His life - by dvfong

The clock struck twelve
emotions all shelved.
His dismal; could not escape
That boy there, began to live in facade.

People come, people go
All their words would just bring him low.
This one girl came
and that boy's life, was never the same.

Hardships cast
That love, did not last.
Austerity of affliction
held in contempt his very own conviction.

As cognizance of reality warmed
he knew nothing more than to conform.
Laid down his dreams
Clothed his regimes.

The clock struck again
a dose of cocaine
The boy took the blame
Inflicted much pain.